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20 October 2010

Have it Your Way

For all you figure-conscious and health-preserving foodies out can now have your fries and eat it too! Substituting the oven for your deep fryer can make all the difference, sans sacrificing taste. In spite of the fact it takes just a little more of your time, don't they always say home-cooked tastes best anyway?

Try out their oven-fried chicken/sweet potato/fries recipes, and let me know what you think!

"Oven-frying is for those of us who tend to make peace with our cravings by surrendering to them. We still like ourselves for the fallen fools we are, but we suspect we'll like ourselves better with a streamlined figure and sleek, unclogged arteries."

(excerpt and image via NPR)

19 October 2010

Genius in Graffiti

British bred and internationally renowned Banksy...whatta guy. Dubiously controversial bluntness in street art form. Which ones are your favorites?
(check out the rest of his work here: BuzzFeed)

17 October 2010

Lonely is healing, if you make it

A novel perspective on the thing a lot of people fear the most (I, included): Loneliness. At the end of some days, solo dolo doesn't seem so bad, no? Some days.

"Cuz if you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed, and alone is okay."

("How to be Lonely" Tanya Davis)

12 October 2010

Family "High" Night?!

Parents claim to be forming special bonds with their children through the use of medical marijuana for pain alleviation purposes. Your thoughts?

"For some families, marijuana, which was once the root of all their battles, has brought them closer together. Instead of parental warnings and punishment, there are questions about how to light a water pipe; instead of the Grateful Dead, there are recipes for low-sodium brownies."

(excerpt via NYTimes)

09 October 2010

Just To Get By

"Before apps, when there were attention spans, before “I’ve got five bars,” when bars were for boozing, before ring-tone selection, when the phone rang, before high-net-worth individuals, when love was all you needed, before hype, when there was Hendrix, we got by just the same."

(excerpt via NYTimes)

08 October 2010

Nina Strikes Again!

Finally, an answer to life's ever-burning question - What do I wear?

Always sharp and exuding sophistication, who best to turn to as a style guru? Adding to her trilogy of fashion know-how guides, Nina Garcia debuted her Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion in August of this year. And if it is anything like her former works, this is going to be a staple for budding fashionistas and seasoned stylistas alike.

Picking up a copy for myself today (click here for 40% off at Borders)! Stay tuned for a review.

Also re-published in paperback are The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred, and Style Strategy, complete with redesigned covers.

(image courtesy of Marie Claire)

Hello, October!

A HUGE fan of Rebecca Minkoff's monthly desktop calendars. It's like a breath of fresh air every first of the month! Snag yours today at

My choice for October:

And some faves from previous months:

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